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What to Expect

There are many staff of different professions on the ward, for instance physiotherapists, dieticians, x-ray radiographers, etc. On admission you will be allocated a ‘named nurse’ who will, with your agreement, plan your care over the next few days. He/she will answer any questions you may have and be your primary carer during your stay. On arrival, you will be shown the layout of the ward and where the toilets and bathroom are located.

You will meet many different staff while you are in hospital. All staff wear identity badges with their name and photograph.

Fire Proceedure

The fire alarm is tested weekly. At any other time, an intermittent alarm will sound if there is a fire somewhere else in the hospital and a continuous alarm will sound if there is a fire in your area. If you hear an alarm, do not leave the ward until advised to do so by a member of staff.

If you spot a fire, please alert a member of staff immediately. The fire alarm can be triggered by breaking the glass on the alarm point by the main door of the ward. Smoke detectors are also in place.


We do not have facilities for patients’ personal laundry and would appreciate it if you could make arrangements for a relative or friend to do your laundry for you. If this is difficult, please let the nursing staff know.


Mealtimes will vary slightly from ward to ward. You will receive more information about mealtimes upon arrival at the ward.

There is a wide choice of meals including vegetarian and low fat options and if you have any other special requirements, our catering staff will do their best to meet your needs.

No Smoking and No Alcohol Policy

The Trust operates a ‘No Smoking’ policy. If you are a smoker, information on the help and support available to assist you in giving up can be obtained from ward staff.

Patients are discouraged from drinking alcohol while in hospital and visitors are asked not to bring alcohol into the hospital for patients or themselves.

Pastoral Care

The hospital has a full time chaplain and a team of part-time chaplains from many denominations. Please ask the ward staff if you would like the chaplain or a minister of your own religion to visit you on the ward.

Radio and TV

There are radio headphones by each bed and the hospital radio station broadcasts each day.

Communal televisions are provided on most wards.


A payphone is available on each ward. This can be wheeled to your bedside, if necessary. Many of our wards have individual phones allocated to each bed. Please ask your nurse for information as to whether this is available on your ward.  Please Note payphones that are available on the wards do not take incoming calls.

Sick Notes

Any qualified nurse or doctor can issue you with a sick note for work after the first week. A doctor can provide you with a letter for your travel agent if you have had to cancel a holiday because of your stay in hospital.

Staff Training

Staff training is a very important part of life in a hospital. The best way for doctors, nurses and other health professionals to develop their skills and knowledge is by working with patients. However, you have a right to refuse to take part in training sessions if you wish.

You have the right to choose whether or not you take part in the teaching of medical or other staff. If you don’t wish to, you should tell your doctor or nurse. Your request will be respected and understood.

Whatever you decide it won’t affect the treatment and care you receive at the hospital.

Transferring Wards or Hospital

Following your initial treatment, your care may involve transfer to other wards in the hospital, or other hospitals within our Trust. Your medical requirements will be taken into account and we will ensure that your relatives are informed of any move. We always try to care for patients in the location which is best suited to their needs. However, we must make sure that we always have enough beds available at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary for seriously ill patients needing admission.

You and Your Treatment

Any information about you and your care and treatment will be treated in the strictest confidence. We use this information to provide the best care for you and to enable managers to plan future service developments (wherever possible data used for this purpose has the names removed).

You have the right to know what information we hold on computer about you and to see any written records made since November 1991 – this includes your case notes and nursing records. However, a small charge may be made for this. If you wish to know more about this, please contact the Medical Records Manager on 01942 822336.


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