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Pain 043Pain Management Group-Chronic Pain Service
PAIN 003Pain relief after surgery
PAIN 001Pain relief at home following your operation (pack A)
PAIN 002Pain relief at home following your operation (pack B)
PC 005Palliative medicine clinic
IPC 003Panton Valentine Leukocidin Staphylococcus Aureus Infection (PVL-SA)
EXTERNALParotid surgery (external leaflet)
ORTH 005Patching-A guide for parent or carer (Accessible)
END 009PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy)
CM 243Pelvic floor exerecises for male patients v1
GYN 013Pelvic inflammatory disease
OBS 038Perineal trauma
OBS 038aPerineal trauma (Accessible)
PHARM 001Pharmacy (What does it do for you)?
OBS 051Placental delivery – the 3rd stage of labour v5
EXTERNALPlatelet antigens and antibodies in pregnancy (external leaflet)
CH 013Pneumonia
BS 003Post mortem examination on babies or children including stillbirths
UROL 020Post vasectomy and semen analysis
HAEM 015Postal anticoagulation
OBS 091Postnatal exercises
OBS 092Postnatal exercises (Pearl Suite) v4
OBS 046Potential risks/problems of giving formula to a breast fed baby
CORP 013Pre and post operative breathing exercises
MX 007Pre Sedation Instructions v7
EXTERNALPre-eclampsia (external leaflet)
PAIN 034Pregabalin v7
OBS 034Pregnancy related abdominal diastasis
UROL 014Premature ejaculation
CH 046Pre-operative clinic
RAD 022Preparation for your CT Colonography Appointment
UROL 024Preparing for Urological Surgery during COVID-19
Obs 035Preparing for your caesarean section operation
EXTERNALPreventing group B streptococcus (GBS) infection in newborn babies (external leaflet)
GYN 058Prolapse
GYN 047Prolapse Surgery – Sacrocolpopexy or Sacrohysteropexy
GYN 043Prostap and zoladex therapy
CORP 017Protected mealtimes and the red assist system (Accessible)
OBS 056Protecting your baby from low blood glucose v3
DERM 042Punch Biopsy
CORP 026Putting on and caring for your anti-embolism stockings
CH 032Pyloric Stenosis