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EXTERNALObstetric cholestasis (external leaflet)
SS 001Obstructive Sleep Apnoea/Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome
END 008Oesophageal balloon dilatation
CC 046Oesophageal Stent
EXTERNALOlder children’s general blood information leaflet (external leaflet)
EXTERNALOlder children’s general blood information leaflet (external leaflet)
GYN 059Omental biopsy and ascitic drain
CC 037Oncology research
DERM 062Open appointments (Dermatology Department)
CH 006Oral Feeds on the NNU-Introducing v2
CS 008Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
EXTERNALOral lichen planus (external leaflet)
RESP 001Oral N-Acetyl Cystiene tablets
EXTERNALOral pemphigoid (external leaflet)
SURG 059Orrell Ward
MUSC 056Orthopaedic Admissions Unit Discharge Advice Following an Injection
MUSC 055Orthopaedic Admissions Unit Discharge Advice for inpatients and their relatives and or carers
MUSC 052Orthopaedic Outpatient Department – Wigan Fracture Clinic
MUSC 058Orthopaedic Surgery Discharge Advice for Inpatients and their Relatives and/or Carer’s
MUSC 029Osteoporosis
CH 018Otitis media
EXTERNALOtosclerosis and stapedotomy (external leaflet)
OPD 001Outpatient Department Leigh Infirmary
OPD 002Outpatient Department Royal Albert Edward Infirmary
OPD 003Outpatient Department Thomas Linacre Centre
OPD 004Outpatient Department Wrightington Hospital
CORP 021Overseas Visitors
FF 006Ovulation induction
Derm 065Oxybutinin for Treatment of Hyperhidrosis