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MUSC 043D Ward discharge advice following an injection
MUSC 022D Ward Discharge Advice for patients and their relatives and/or carers
ENT 001Day Case Hemithyroidectomy
MUSC 065Day Case Total Hip Replacement
MX 004Day case instructions
VTE 002Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
CORP 025Delirium-Understanding Delirium for patients, relatives and carers
SURG 045Delorme’s operation for rectal prolapse
MED 005Dementia as a palliative condition
MED 005aDementia as a palliative condition (Accessible)
DERM 068Dermatology Post-operative Care
RAD 006DEXA Scan (Having a)
DIET 006Diet during neutropenia
SURG 042Dietary advice following ileoanal pouch surgery
CH 034Directions to Alder Hey Hospital
MUSC 053Discharge Advice 5th Metacarpal (little finger) Fracture
MUSC 047Discharge Advice 5th Metatarsal Fracture
CARD 002Discharge advice following a cardiac angiography
CARD 001Discharge advice following a cardiac angiography (radial)
CH 055Discharge advice following adenoidectomy
CARD 004Discharge advice following an angio-seal (Cardio Catheter Laboratory)
RAD 023Discharge Advice Following Angio-Seal v2
CARD 003Discharge advice following an elective cardioversion
PAIN 022Discharge advice following post operative epidural infusion
CH 057Discharge advice following tonsillectomy
CH 056Discharge advice following tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
MUSC 061Discharge Advice for Metacarpal Fracture
MUSC 049Discharge advice fracture of a toe
MUSC 054Discharge advice fracture of radial head/neck
MUSC 048Discharge advice torus (buckle) fracture
DIS 002Discharge Lounge RAEI (A guide to)
MUSC 063Distal biceps repair surgery (with Endobutton)
SURG 041Diverticular disease
EXTERNALDizziness (external leaflet)
EXTERNALDo Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) decisions
MX 006Dressing plate instructions
OPHTH 016Dry age related macular degeneration
PAIN 041Duloxetine for pain relief
UL 015Dupuytren’s fasciectomy
SL 009Dysarthria
EXTERNALDischarge from Your Hospital Stay (COVID-19)
EXTERNALDischarge from A&E (COVID-19)