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Oncology (Cancer Care)
CC 033Acute Oncology Service
CC 041Be Cancer Aware
CC 040Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP)
CC 044Cancer of Unknown Primary Multi-Disciplinary Team
CC 042Care of your Hickman Line
CC 043Care of your peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC)
CC 050Chemotherapy Treatment And COVID-19 v1
CC 028Colorectal and Bowel Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)
CC 027Colorectal and Stoma Nursing Service
CC 049Complementary Therapies – The Christie at Wigan Cancer Care Centre
CC 032Haematology-Key-Worker
CC 048Head and Neck Macmillan Support Worker
CC 024Head and Neck Oncology Key Nurse Worker
CC 025Head and Neck Cancer Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT)
CC 039Holistic Needs Assessment
CC 020Hospital Supportive And Palliative Care Team v6
CC 029Local Cancer Care Support Groups
CC 045Managing common side effects of chemotherapy
CC 046Oesophageal Stent
GYN 059Omental Biopsy and Ascitic Drain
CC 037Oncology Research
CC 034Reiki
CC 036Spinal Cord Compression – what it means and how it can be treated
CC 035Spinal Cord Compression – what to look out for
CC 038The Christie at Wigan
CC 022Upper GI Macmillan Nurse Key Worker
CC 047Upper GI Macmillan Support Worker
CC 021Upper GI Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) Meetings
CC 031Upper GI Support Groups
CC 030Urology Nurse Specialist Key Worker and MDT Meetings
Ophthalmology & Orthoptics
ORTH 005A Guide to Patching (Accessible)
OPHTH 008After care for minor surgery
DR 004After Photography
ORTH 021After Your Low Vision Assessment
OPHTH 012Anti-VEGF Injection Treatment
ORTH 003Atropine Treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
OPHTH 011Boston House Eye Unit – Injection Clinic
OPHTH 015Botulinum Toxin Injections for Eye Conditions
OPHTH 006Cataract Surgery
ORTH 022Coming to the Low Vision Clinic (Accessible)
ORTH 004Coping with visual field loss following a stroke
ORTH 012Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride 1% Drops for Insertion at Home
OPHTH 016Dry age related macular degeneration
ORTH 006Following the Issue of a Prescription for Glasses – Advice for Parent/Guardian
OPHTH 010Glasses and age related macular degeneration
OPHTH 007Having a Fundus Fluorescein Angiography
SURG 051Hidradenitis suppurativa
ORTH 013Home Exercises to Improve Convergence Insufficiency
OPHTH 005Laser Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy and Maculopathy
OPHTH 014 Local support for people with visual impairment
OPHTH 013Sight Loss Advice Service
ORTH 014Squint Surgery in Children
ORTH 020Visual Development in Children
ORTH 008Visual Inattention/Neglect Following Stroke
ORTH 019BVisual Story for Children Having a Glasses Test at Boston House
ORTH 019CVisual Story for Children Having a Glasses Test at Hope
ORTH 019DVisual Story for Children Having a Glasses Test at Landgate
ORTH 019FVisual Story for Children Having a Glasses Test at Leigh Infirmary
ORTH 019GVisual Story for Children Having a Glasses Test at Oakfield
ORTH 019HVisual Story for Children Having a Glasses Test at Rowan Tree
ORTH 019AVisual Story for Children Having an Eye Test at Boston House
ORTH 019Visual Story for Children Having an Eye Test at Leigh Infirmary
ORTH 019JVisual Story for Children Having an Eye Test at School
OPHTH 009What is the Low Vision Clinic?
Oral and Facial Surgery
Please note these are external leaflets over which we have no control
EXTERNALChondrodermatitis Nodularis
EXTERNALCysts – Epidermoid and Pilar
EXTERNALOral Lichen Planus
EXTERNALMucous Membrane Pemphigoid
EXTERNALRadiotherapy for Skin Cancer
EXTERNALSquamous Cell Carcinoma
Outpatient Services
OPD 001Outpatients Department – Leigh (under review)
OPD 002Outpatients Department – Royal Albert Edward Infirmary (under review)
OPD 003Outpatients Department – Thomas Linacre Centre
OPD 004Outpatients Department – Wrightington Hospital (under review)