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Dental (Maxillo Facial) 

Dental leaflets can be found under the Maxillo Facial Unit heading by clicking here

Dietetics and Nutrition
DIET 006Diet During Neutropenia
SURG 042Dietary Advice following Ileoanal Pouch Surgery
DIET 042Low Residue Diet
DIET 004Managing Eating Problems in Cancer Patients

DERM 057Campbell De Morgan Spots
DERM 007Cutaneous Mastocytosis
DERM 068Dermatology Post-operative Care
DERM 017Flexural Psoriasis
DERM 019Formal Excisions
DERM 056Guttate Psoriasis
DERM 030Lichen simplex
DERM 062Open Appointments (Dermatology Department)
DERM 065Oxybutinin for Treatment of Hyperhidrosis
DERM 042Punch Biopsy
DERM 067Shave Excision or Curettage with Cautery or Driclor
DERM 070Skin-Macmillan Support Worker v1
DERM 060Solar Lentigo
DERM 069Using Duct Tape to Clear Viral Warts
DERM 052Vulval Lichen Planus
DERM 053Vulval Lichen Simplex
DERM 054Vulval Vestibulitis
Discharge Lounge
MED 001A Guide to the Discharge Lounge RAEI
EXTERNALDischarge from A&E or GP Consultation
EXTERNALCOVID-19 Discharge from Hospital