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2020-11-11T12:39:40+00:0018th November 2020|Latest News|

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a disease that causes breathlessness, coughs, and chronic sputum production.

Today marks the 19th Annual World COPD day and we have some helpful advice for those who have a confirmed diagnosis.

The COPD Team at WWL (this photo was taken before COVID-19)

  • It is extremely important you take all your medications as prescribed. Your inhalers will only help you if you use it correctly and your doctor, nurse or pharmacist can show you how.
  • COPD mainly is a smoking related disease and the best thing you can do is stop . There is support available on how to quit from your doctor ,nurse or pharmacist.
  • Exercise and pulmonary rehabilitation can help improve your breathing, fitness and quality of life. Stay as active as you can and try to exercise daily to maintain fitness levels.
  • Singing is a great work out for your lungs… you don’t need to be a professional to enjoy the benefits.
  • Eating well and keeping a healthy weight can also help, try and eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily.
  • Having your yearly flu jab and any other vaccinations that may be relevant are key to helping you stay well. Remember prevention is better than cure.
  • Take care of your feelings, don’t bottle things up talk to family, friends or health professionals. There is further information and  resources on the British Lung foundation web site.